Is this 40....

#5 - Lockdown (ft. Chris)

September 28, 2020 Michael Absalom Season 1 Episode 5
Is this 40....
#5 - Lockdown (ft. Chris)
Show Notes

Due to COVID-19 recording of 'Is this 40' has temporarily been suspended.

In the meantime though we've recorded a series of one-to-one telephone conversations with our 5 lifelong friends which you can easily eavesdrop here. 

How do men communicate with each other on the phone? What do they talk about exactly? And how open and honest are they about what's really going on in their lives?

In this episode Abs & Chris force themselves to reflect on life at 40. They also share stories about the impact of coronavirus on their day to day lives. What lessons have they learnt during the pandemic and what benefits can they take away from six months of lockdown? 

We hope this episode accurately captures this significant moment in time.

This series aims to get more men talking about the things they wouldn't normally talk about and this particular episode is all about checking in on your closest friends to make sure they're doing okay.

Featuring: Chris Lees & Michael Absalom 

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