Is this 40....

#7 - Reflection (ft. Jack)

October 26, 2020 Michael Absalom Season 1 Episode 7
Is this 40....
#7 - Reflection (ft. Jack)
Show Notes

It's safe to say it's been a slightly different year to what we were all expecting! With work thin on the ground for some of us in 2020 how have 2 of our 5 friends (Abs & Jack ) been coping with the challenges the global pandemic has thrown their way? 

How honest can they be with each other about what's really been going on in their lives and what positives will they be able to take away from their shared experience?

Featuring Jack Freud and Michael Absalom

This series aims to get more men talking openly and confidently about some of the things they wouldn't normally talk about? How vulnerable are a group of 40 year old men prepared to be with each other?

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