Is this 40....

#10 - Fun in our 40s

June 07, 2021 Michael Absalom Season 1 Episode 10
Is this 40....
#10 - Fun in our 40s
Show Notes

It's the final episode of the series and we're piloting out the podcast booth at 180 Soho House, a swanky new members bar just off The Strand in Central London.

On the agenda for the evening - Fun in our 40s. What does that look and sound like these days? Also what happens when we're forced to identify our own personal strengths & weaknesses?

Featuring: Jack Freud, Jonathan Corby, Christopher Lees, Dan Ridgers and Michael Absalom.

This experimental series aims to get more men talking openly and confidently about some of the things they wouldn't normally talk about in their friendship group? 

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